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HTML5 Game Portals, Sponsors, Publishers

About 200 game portals: 120 e-mails, 115 contact/submit forms (last update: 2019, September)

Sometimes I add both e-mail and contact form, cause many times my games were rejected by one way of game submission and accepted by the other.
Sometimes I add several e-mails, cause of the same reason.

What is it?
It is a list of HTML5 game portals, sponsors, publishers.
I update it every month (last update: 2019, September)
e-mails: 120
contact/submit forms: 115

Why is your list better than others?
1. Most lists that you can find on the Internet contain only company names or sites, but you would have to find email or contact forms, and it may take you plenty amount of time.
Here you can find e-mails that can be copypasted, and links to "contact us" or "submit game" forms that can be clicked.
2. I have created this list for myself and I update it every month.
3. I bet, you will see many contacts that you never heard about before.
4. It's the most full list on the Internet.
5. More than 90% of these portals added for revenue or purchased at least one of my games. About 50% have many of my games. Some of them have all my games. So it's a really up to date list.
6. You will purchase this list only once and then you will get free updates all the time.

What about bonus?:)
Yes, sure:) I have solutions for many situations that you have probably faced during your games submission:
1. There in no "contact" link on the site?
2. You have entered the captcha correctly, but the site tells you it's wrong?
3. Site tells you that your e-mail is incorrect?
4. You tried to submit your game but server error happened?
5. You send e-mail but received something like "you mail was not delivered"
6. Your game is well polished, but it was rejected?

Why the price is so high?
1. It's not high, cause if you sell 1 or 2 game licenses you will already make profit.
2. I do not want to make it cheap, cause I do not want too much people to buy it. Cause in that case the publishers would receive tones of games and they will just change their e-mails. 
3. I have plans to raise the price with each update. 

Who are you?
I am an independent game developer, I have created 14 HTML5 games by my own.
Also I have many unfinished projects and several unpolished games on Steam that I sold for one-off payment.

I have sold 81 non-exclusive game licenses in total.

1. My YouTube Channel 
2. My games on Scirra store
3. My games on GameDistribution (scroll to bottom)
4. My assets on Scirra store

- What can I do with this list?
- You can send your games to the publishers, sponsor, portals.
You are NOT allowed to publish or resell this list anywhere. Cause otherwise, the publishers will just change their e-mails and contact forms.

- Is your list a very good looking, well polished book with many beautiful pictures?
- Nope, I am not a marketing guy or writer:) I am an independent developer, so it's just valuable information in text-files.

- Can you guarantee that they will accept my game?
- No, no one can guarantee that. Your game should be well polished if you want to sell licenses and addicting if you want to make good revenue.

- Do you know some lifehacks or secrets that can increase the chance of game acception?
- Yes, I know much about it and all that stuff is also included as a bonus part of this list.

-  Why do you sell the list? Aren't you afraid of competition?
- There are plenty of  sites and I create about one game per month, so the chance that our games will appear on the same portals at the same time is very low.
Of cause in long term it would be more profitable for me not to sell the list, but I am not a businessman, I am a solo developer, so sometimes I prefer small money in short term.

If you have any questions you can contact me via e-mail or discord.
My e-mail: paradine@yandex.com
My Discord: paradine#5730


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